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Cessna 172m  -  N9603Q

The Skyhawk was recently upgraded with an overhauled engine and prop.  It has a in-panel Garmin 430 along with King radio and a garmin audio panel.  A 4 place intercom and extended range tanks makes this a great platform for the local hamburger flight with your friends or family or the longer range trip.  New to the plane are a pair of Whelen LED landing and taxi lights... so bright.

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AirCraft - Cessna 172m

Year - 1975

Engine - 160HP Continental

Prop - 2 blade Hartzell

Flight Conditions - IFR / VFR

Piper Dakota  -  N236PR

Our Piper Dakota is a perfect blend of range, performance and economy.  With a useful load of 1225 lbs and 72 gal of fuel, you can load up 4 adults with full fuel and 85 lbs or so of baggage and fly for 5 hours!  A recently overhauled 235 Hp Continental and brand new Hartzell 3 bladed Scimitar prop provides the power to move along at a cruise of 138 KTAS, and a solid autopilot makes the flying easy. 

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AirCraft - Piper Dakota

Year - 1979

Engine - 235HP Continental

Prop - 3 blade Scimitar (picture above shows old 2 blade)

Flight Conditions - IFR / VFR