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Joining the Club

Joining the club involves a couple of steps.

 -  First, fill out an application and submit it the club President.

 -  Second, attend a meeting to meet the members, introduce yourself and get a feel of how club business is handled.

 -  Third, be voted in by a majority of the members.

 -  Once in, you will pay the necessary equity fee and monthly dues.

A member mentor will be provided to ease the new member into the club. Among a number of things, the mentor will show you the planes, arrange for an orientation flight, demonstrate how the on line scheduler works, show you how to get fuel, show how we manage service on the plane, etc.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the club president for more information.

That contact information is: 

 -  Email:

Application and Questionnaire


CT Flyer Members have

     - Access to the  (2) planes (

     - All planes are protect from rain, snow and sleet with covered hangars

     - Flexible scheduling for the overnight and multiday trips

     - Secure on line schedulding

     - Wet rates are used to charge member flying times